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It is all about the rents! If your property is in a desirable location with many on hand facilities then you will enjoy good rental income.

Location is Key

If your property is in a location where there is high demand then you can look forward to a long term profitable investment. The major stumbling block which you must overcome is ‘who is going to manage your investment’. Once you have visited the letting agents you will need to understand what void (untenanted) periods should you expect. What is the yearly maintenance programme? If you need to sell the investment, how long would it take to get a buyer? Your Investment should focus on Location Desirability Yield Management Agent Resale Value Many investors reconfigure their properties to maximise the number of tenants. Tread carefully as your property may fall into Local HMO regulations. (Houses of Multiple Occupancy)

Do You Need a Buy To

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account of your long

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HMO rental yields are higher than more traditional buy-to-lets. If you buy a HMO then please contact your local authority. They have experts that can advise the maximum number of tenants you can have in your property. The formulae is complex and the purpose is that tenants are allocated useable space safely. Your mortgage application becomes a Commercial mortgage and is based on rentable income. Do your homework as HMO’s do offer the highest yield. Students used to be messy but that was years ago. Now they want en-suites!!!!
Investors focus on yield

Do Investment Agents

Offer Real Discounts?

Property Clubs simply poole investment demand to negotiate lower market pricing for properties. Property Clubs became Investment Estate Agents. These agents scour the country for desirable property opportunities where the rental demand is high. Agents such as Assetz for Investors, Knight Knox, YPC Group, Sequre, Select Property and RW Invest can point you to the best locations. If the agent can negotiate a lower purchase price with the developer then the yield goes up. The target yield for most Buy to Let investors is above 8% Many investors are time poor. They rely on the investment agent carrying out thorough due dilligence. It is important that the investor uses an impartial Conveyancer. If the agent recommends a Conveyancer then the investor is removing that all important 2nd opinion. Investors can search using our online conveyancing quote calculator . A combination of the The Homebuyer Conveyancing panel and some rather innovative software.
Discounted buy to let property Mortgage Market Review
MORTGAGE MARKET REVIEW           (MMR) The purpose of the review is to focus on affordability and responsible lending  
It is your responsibility to understand that your home may be repossessed if you fail to keep up your mortgage repayments

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